HIPAA Compliance

  • HIPAA compliant with appropriate access controls, audit controls, integrity controls and transition security as required by HIPAA
  • Facilities hosting servers are HIPAA compliant with restricted physical access for authorized personnel only
  • Personnel handling PHI are experienced in the HealthCare field and have received HIPAA training
  • TaaS Environment ensures proper use of workstations and devices, and has implemented policies for safe transfer, removal and disposal of electronic media

Environment Security

  • Minimized attack surface and access points for mission critical data
  • Platform components support at rest and in flight encryption
  • Denial of service attacks are prevented using source starvation
  • TaaS network, infrastructure and applications are regularly vulnerability and penetration tested

Application Security

  • Support for two factor authentication
  • Advanced access control allows permissions at the data element level
  • Cloud engines employ a least privilege policy and have restricted runtime data access
  • Knowledge graph supports encoded elements to protect sensitive data