Three Core Framework for Innovation

ReactiveCore has developed a Three Core Framework for Innovation to drive transformation from concept through implementation for small, medium and large businesses. This framework helps to keep our combined focus on not just improving what you are currently doing, but instead, on enabling you to conduct business in a more agile and adaptive way by constantly innovating what you do and how you do it. The guiding principle for our Three Core Framework is to leverage the rSuperNode's agile, data-centric architecture to enable continuous innovation.

CreativeCore Rethink the Future

Collaborate during Ideation, Evaluation and Solution Development. CreativeCore provides the ‘blank canvas’ for your organization to assess where it is today, develop a strategic framework for the future, and design breakthrough solutions to attain that target-state architecture. Create and modify business processes seamlessly without writing complex code. Run and re-run simulations within CreativeCore until you are confident in the solution quality and outcome, and transition these solutions to ActiveCore to be placed into operation. Learn More

ActiveCore The Operating System

Utilize ActiveCore to execute day-to-day operations including process optimization, analytic optimization, master data management, security and legacy coexistence. Learn More

AnalyticCore Process Automation & Analytic Insights

Integrates and extends business rules, business processes, and specialized business knowledge through Machine Learning. Learn More