Company Overview

ReactiveCore is a national
Data-as-a-Service company

Our Story

Founded in 2015, ReactiveCore’s mission is to help healthcare companies become knowledge-based companies built on a modern precision data foundation. Our cloud-based platform enables the harvesting of advanced analytic insights combined with the ability to automate and rapidly operationalize their value. We unleash the innovators where we operate, promote creative thinking and beautiful design, and empower the business to rapidly identify opportunities and capture value.

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Headshot of Kenny Klepper
Kenny Klepper

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Headshot of Michel Dufresne
Michel Dufresne

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Blayne Lequeux
Blayne Lequeux

President of IDNames.Services

Headshot of David Geithner
David Geithner

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Dawn Pagano
Dawn Pagano

Product Manager

Headshot of Arlene Edlin
Arlene Edlin

Head of Sales

Headshot of Michael Sardone
Michael Sardone

Chief of Reactive Services

Headshot of Pamela Sherman
Pamela Sherman

Chief Clinical Officer


Headshot of Admiral (Ret) Mike Mullen
Admiral (Ret) Mike Mullen

ReactiveCore Director, Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

Headshot of Bran Ferren
Bran Ferren

ReactiveCore Director, Chief Creative Officer of Applied Minds

Headshot of Robert Stein
Robert Stein

ReactiveCore Director, President of the Regency Group